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Our spa hotel in the Dolomites – there is a lot to it

A spa hotel in the Dolomites to truly relax: Hotel Cristal

In our spa hotel in the Dolomites you will find the time and room to truly relax. Here we offer you special beauty treatments for your spa holiday in South Tyrol in our Hotel Cristal. Our new beauty rooms lit with daylight are the ideal place for it!

Facial treatments: for a skin like new

Guinot – revolutionary skin care treatments

The beauty insitute Guinot has conquered women all over the world with its unique treatments and beauty products. An expert for skin care, Guinot has developed the Hydradermie skin-care line in 1971. In fact, this was the first treatment to exclusively underline the unique beauty of your face. A newly discovered ionisation process increases the absorption of beauty products, achieving optimal results of individual beauty goals. Over the years and thanks to continuous scientific progress, the products were improved continually. Today, a beautician, who would like to perform this treatment, needs to undergo the Guinot training.  

Hydradermie – the star of beauty treatements in our wellness hotel

The double ionisation is an exclusive Guinot method for the quick and effective absorption of active ingredients. The oxygenation revives the skin’s radiance by boosting the cells and the microcirculation of the skin. A relaxing massage with serum allows you to experience a moment of intense relaxation in the expert hands of your beauty therapist. The skin glows with renewed radiance.


  • The skin is radiant and luminous: 52.3% increase in hydration and 49.7% decrease in wrinkles.
  • The face appears extremely rested.
  • The skin is more supple and comfortable.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 80.00 Euro

Hydradermie Lift – the “instant lifting” treatment

Draining electrodes expertly applied by the beauty therapist visibly release tension and improve the microcirculation of the skin. Stimulation of the face muscles improve the tone, naturally lifting the features. The treatment ends with a relaxing massage, releasing precious active ingredients that stimulate, firm and tone the skin.


  • The face appears more youthful.
  • The skin is firmer.
  • The features are lifted.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 90.00 Euro

Hydradermie Deluxe

One of the best treatments of the Guinot beauty care line is Hydradermie Deluxe. The treatment is a combination of Hydradermie Lift, an eyelift treatment and a massage.

Duration ca. 80 minutes, 120.00 Euro

Beauté Neuve – the new radiance and rejuvenating treatment

This treatment’s secret is the double peeling. The peel’in gel with fruit acids separates the dead cells from the living cells and the peel’out foam exfoliates the dead cells to reveal healthy new skin. Afterwards, you enjoy a relaxing massage with the Dermanove serum which encourages cell renewal, restoring vitality and radiance to the skin. The treatment ends with the application of Clarimasque, enriched with vitamin C to reduce dark spots and even skin tone.  


  • The face appears more youthful once again.
  • The skin is luminous and radiant.
  • The complexion is even and the dark spots are reduced.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 85.00 Euro

Eye Logic – the eye contour treatment

The skin around the eyes is fine and delicate. The treatment Eye Logic was especially developed by Guinot to target puffiness and dark circles in the eye contour area as well as wrinkles between the eyes and in the corners. The treatment allows the skin to quickly absorb anti-ageing active ingredients, increasing the renewal of the skin cells. The treatment consists of 10 movements, which were especially developed for this delicate area, detoxifying and toning the eye contour. At the end of the treatment, the beauty therapist applies the Masque Yeux Age Logic. This exclusive mask smoothes wrinkles between the eyes and in the corners, refreshing and rejuvenating the eye contour area.


  • The eyes appear refreshed and more youthful.
  • Wrinkles and lines are smooth.
  • The eye contour area appears “lifted”.
  • Puffiness and dark circles are reduced.

Duration ca. 40 minutes, 50.00 Euro

Nu Skin – Galvanic Spa in our wellness hotel in the Dolomites

The gel by ageLOC®, used in our wellness hotel in the Dolomites, activates the skin tissue and improves metabolism, tightening and sustainably firming the connective tissue.

Our facial package:

  • Skin analysis
  • Cleanse
  • Enzymatic peeling
  • Mask
  • Hot compress
  • Smoothing wrinkles by using the active ingredients of two ageLOC® gels
  • Deep cleanse and cell regeneration of face and neck
  • Final care

Duration ca. 25 minutes, 40.00 Euro
Duration ca. 50 minutes, 75.00 Euro
Entire package: 105.00 Euro

Beauty packages for hands and feet

Spa feet: refreshing, calming and nourishing

In our wellness hotel in the Dolomites we use products of the Organique foot line. The products were developed to nourish and refresh the skin and improve its structure. Active natural components and essential oils contained in the Organique foot line improve the health, wellbeing and general look of the feet. The thyme and sage oils are used for antiseptic, refreshing and anti-inflammatory treatments. The clay purifies and the loofah particles remove dead skin cells.

Beauty programme:

  • Peeling
  • Massage
  • Feet pack

Duration ca. 25 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Spa hands – rejuvenating and regenerating

The Organique beauty line for hands stops the ageing of your hands. The products contain best natural active ingredients and are refined with a light rose hip fragrance. Colhibin is rich in rice proteins, slowing down the decomposition of collagen in the skin and activating the regenerative processes. The skin is soft, hydrated and appears younger. The pearl extract illuminates the skin, increases its renewal, protects from UV radiation and smooths scars. The bitter orange has a strong stimulating effect. The silk extract protects and hydrates the skin, making it smooth and tender with a lasting effect.

Beauty programme:

  • Peeling
  • Massage
  • Hands pack

Duration ca. 25 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Deluxe treatments for hands and feet

This special wellness paraffin treatment starts with a peeling, removing superfluous skin cells and impurities. Afterwards, the beautician applies a rich care product and dips hands or feet into a warm paraffin bath.

Deluxe foot pack

  • Special foot peeling
  • Relaxing foot massage
  • Nourishing paraffin pack

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Deluxe hand pack

  • Special hand peeling
  • Relaxing hand massage
  • Nourishing paraffin pack

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Deluxe hand and foot pack
Duration ca. 50 minutes, 60.00 Euro

Body peelings

Dead skin cells are gently removed, offering the perfect preparation for the absorption of care products. Ideal before a massage!

Sea salt peeling

This full body treatment, made of sea salt and natural oils, removes dead, dry skin cells. You will feel the cleansing effect, increased by natural essential oils.

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 35.00 Euro

alpine_healthcare© hay peeling after VITALIS Dr. Joseph

The pink mountain salt deeply cleanses the skin. The peeling increases the regeneration and makes for a brighter, more luminous and radiant skin. Cleansing phyto extracts increase the peeling effect, optimally preparing the skin for the absorption of the first-class active ingredients.  

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Chocolate peeling

The chocolate peeling stimulates the detoxifying process and the blood circulation of the skin.

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Lychee peeling

This peeling has a nourishing and regenerating effect and is particularly ideal for sensitive and dry skin.

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Vitalis gommage cucurbita – exfoliant

The treatment makes for a velvety, soft and well-circulated skin. The treatment is conducted with a loofah sponge (cucurbita) and a unique papaya enzyme.

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Egyptos vitalising body wrap

The rediscovery or oriental beauty rituals and new scientific insights brought about the Egyptos vitalising body wrap. Best natural active ingredients, the pleasant wrap with warm cotton bandages and a special toning wrapping technique achieve remarkable immediate results. Finest vitalising clay and minerals derived from the Dead Sea are the ingredients for this pure wellness cure with extraordinary success: the rejuvenating effect of this firming mixture can be already seen after the first treatment, clearly reducing cellulite and giving new energy and vitality.

1 Egyptos vitalising body wrap: duration ca. 80 minutes, 110.00 Euro
3 Egyptos vitalising body wraps in one week: 290.00 Euro

Liver wrap

The liver wrap increases the blood flow and detoxification of the liver. The self-healing powers of the body are activated. The liver wrap is aplied after an alpine fango pack. Afterwards, the therapist will pamper you with a relaxing head-shoulder-foot massage.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 80.00 Euro

Perfect body – three-dimensional body care

The ageLOC® gel activates the metabolic process and reduces fat deposits. The skin appears tighter and firmer. For an optimal result we recommend the cream Dermatic Effects during your stay with us as well as at home. We are glad to provide you with further information.


  • Full body peeling
  • Treatment of upper arms, stomach, upper thighs and rear with body shaping gel
  • Final care with Dermatic Effects

Duration ca. 30 minutes, 40.00 Euro
Duration ca. 50 minutes, 75.00 Euro

Resonance – cellulite

This innovative and effective treatment lastingly reduces the signs of cellulite.


  • Algae bath in the soft pack lounger
  • Peeling with papaya tonic
  • Cupping massage with specific cellulite products
  • Cellulite massage

Without pack: duration ca. 50 minutes, 70.00 Euro
With pack: duration ca. 80 minutes, 95.00 Euro

Algae bath in the soft pack lounger with lymph-draining massage

The body pack made of algae detoxes and activates the tissue’s metabolism. What’s more, it stimulates the skin’s metabolism, strengthening the connecting tissue and reducing cellulite. This gentle lymph-stimulating massage gets the lymph-flow going

Algae bath with leg massage: duration ca. 50 minutes, 70.00 Euro
Algae bath with full body massage: duration ca. 80 minutes, 95.00 Euro

Chocolate… doesn’t always have to be sin!

Cocoa butter is rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium and precious natural ingredients which are highly effective against cellulite. Beside its hydrating and smoothing effect, it stimulates blood circulation and fat reduction and slows down the ageing process of the skin.


  • Chocolate body peel: stimulates the blood circulation and purification process
  • Body pack in the soft pack lounger: has a refreshing and tanning effect and provides the skin with its original healthy and radiant look
  • Body butter: the body cream with carité butter has a positive effect on the renewal of fatty acids, moisturises and slows down the ageing process of the skin

Duration ca. 80 minutes, 95.00 Euro

Goat‘s milk & lychee – first aid for the skin

The proteins contained in the goat’s milk stimulate the collagene production, strengthen and soften the skin and soothe inflammations. The lactoferrin neutralises the free radicals, slowing down the ageing process. The unique attributes of goat’s milk are combined with the exotic extract of lychee, a fruit which is rich in carbohydrates, fatty acids, proteins, peptides, mineral salts and vitamins. Vitamins B1 and B2 speed up the cell renewal, vitamin C strengthens the blood vessals.  


  • Body peel with goat’s milk: has a nourishing and regenerating effect and is especially suitable for sensitive and dry skin
  • Body pack in the soft pack lounger: has a moisturising and nourishing effect
  • Body butter: the body cream with goat’s milk has a moisturising effect, nourishing and protecting the skin and is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin

Duration ca. 80 minutes, 95.00 Euro

alpine_healthcare@ packs and baths by VITALIS Dr Joseph

Innovative alpine_healthcare@ baths use the synergy of alpine active ingredients to improve your health, wellbeing and beauty. Discover the world of alpine tradition and indulge in these lush baths!

Duration ca. 25 minutes, 37.00 Euro

Hay flower & juniper – relax & vigour

Feel like newly born, relaxed and strengthened. Let our selected herbs – collected from South Tyrolean mountain meadows situated at considerable heights – and the magical power of alpine juniper wipe away any upcoming fatigue after a long day.

Wild thyme & Swiss stone pine – active & detox

Detox your body and enjoy the silence. Wild thyme strengthens the nervous system, stimulating the skin’s metabolism and blood circulation. Combined with the balancing effect of Swiss stone pine on circulation and wellbeing, this healthy bath does not only strengthen your breathing capacity, but also and especially your nerves.

Apple & rose hip – beauty & enjoy

Treat your skin to a sensual and fruity beauty bath. Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals, pectins and waxes, an ideal fruit for the regeneration and care of ripe skin. In combination with the precious rose hip, it increases the skin’s cell regeneration and reduces the loss of moisture. Your skin regains its original elasticity.

Arnica & St John’s wort – regeneration & active

Feel the reviving power of these plants of the sun. This health bath provides tired joints and muscles with new energy. The power of the arnica and St John’s wort reduces stress and solves tensions.

Marigold & camomile – beauty & enjoy

Anticipate a new very special care for stressed skin. Marigold and camomile activate the cell regeneration and have a calming effect on irritated skin, making for a fresh complexion and a velvety, radiant skin. 

Wine bath & sea buckthorn – beauty & regeneration

Discover a new feel for your skin and feel pure regeneration! The wine & sea buckthorn bath works as a stress preventive, besides giving you a pleasant silky feel.

Cristal baths and packs in the soft pack lounger

The soft pack lounger enables you to float nearly weightless and thus a complete relaxation of all muscles and a better absorption of all active ingredients. All our packs are offered in the soft pack lounger.

Hay bath in the soft pack lounger

Enjoy a soothing hay bath in the soft pack lounger, relaxing not only your muscles but also your mind. The bath has a purifying effect and strengthens the immune system.

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 37.00 Euro

Alpine fango with mountain pine – detox

A must for lovers of alpine tradition. The mountain pine has an extraordinary fragrance, a reviving effect and its natural and fine-grained sediments increase the detoxification of your skin. This treatment offers all you need for a beautiful and healthy skin.

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 37.00 Euro

Algae bath in the soft pack lounger

The body pack with algae activates and strengthens the tissue’s metabolism, stimulating the excretion of toxic substances, firming the skin and reducing cellulite.

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 37.00 Euro

For teenagers

Beautiful Girls

Facial treatment for girls including massage, mask and manicure with nail polish.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 65.00 Euro

Young & stylish

Deep cleanse and basic care for teenage skin – for boys and girls.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 65.00 Euro

Wellness for girls

Back massage and manicure including colourful nail polish.

Duration ca. 45 minutes, 55.00 Euro

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