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Wellness in the Dolomites: time to feel good

Wellness in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage

Wellness in the Dolomites is not something you might experience every day. In our Hotel Cristal in Obereggen you find peace and stillness in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. During our massages in the wellness and beauty spa, our skilled team will rebuild your body after an active day of hiking or skiing. Our experienced staff will take you places, where you will forget all about tired muscles and limbs.

Book a partial or full body massage during your spa holiday in South Tyrol!

Relaxing massages

Cristal massage

Let our skilled personnel knead you from head to toe during our full body massage and slip into deep relaxation. Enjoy the warm coconut oil on your skin, and feel the rebalancing effect on body and mind.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 65.00 Euro

Relaxing head and foot massage

Dedicate some time to truly relax and enjoy this head and foot massage with warm essential oil.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 65.00 Euro

Candle massage

The heat of the flame and the stimulating massage increase the blood circulation, making for a quick absorption of the active ingredients. The skin is revived, nourished and moisturised.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 70.00 Euro

Lymph-stimulating massage

The calming, rhythmic touch has a draining effect, strengthening the immune system.

Full body massage: duration ca. 50 minutes, 65.00 Euro
Partial massage: duration ca. 25 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Reviving Tibetan honey massage

This massage increases the blood supply and has a detoxifying and firming effect, activating metabolism and lymph flow. This treatment is used to treat weight problems, cellulite or body acne, but also sleeping disorders, migraine, rheumatism or a cold.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 65.00 Euro

alpine_healthcare© massages by VITALIS Dr Joseph

The alpine_healthcare@ massages with regional herbs, natural products and traditional techniques offer the ideal treatment to detox, regenerate and unwind. The treatment is even more effective, if used in combination with the special pack.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 70.00 Euro
Duration ca. 80 minutes (including pack), 95.00 Euro

Hay flowers & juniper – relax & vigor

Hay flowers and juniper extracts relax your body, giving you new strength. Feel the pleasure of an alpine massage and gain new energy!

Wild thyme & Swiss stone pine – active & detox

Wild thyme and Swiss stone pine tone and detox your body. Enjoy deep relaxation during this alpine massage, giving your skin new freshness and strengthening your nerves.

Arnica & St John’s wort – regeneration & active

Arnica and St John’s wort regenerate and revive your body and senses. This alpine massage is not only soothing for your spirit, but invigorates tired joints and muscles.

Swiss stone pine & pinus sylvestris – detox

Swiss stone pine and pinus sylvestris purify and cleanse the body. This fragrant massage strengthens the skin, stimulates the blood supply and makes for a healthy complexion.

Marigold & camomile – beauty & enjoy

Marigold and camomile offer the ideal care for stressed skin. Treat yourself to this alpine beauty massage and enjoy the calming and regenerating effect.

Apple & rose hip – beauty & enjoy

Apple and rose hip offer the ideal care for ripe skin. This alpine beauty massage gives your skin elasticity and new freshness.

Wine & sea buckthorn – beauty & regeneration

Grapeseed oil and sea buckthorn are a vitamin cocktail for your skin. Experience a completely new skin feel thanks to the refreshing effect of these tender oils.

Massages from all corners of the earth

Pantai herbal stamp massage

This massage from Far East provides you with harmony, strength, vitality and energy, while the body is treated with warm oils and hot herbal stamps.

Duration ca. 25 minutes, 45.00 Euro
Duration ca. 50 minutes, 80.00 Euro

Tuina Chinese massage

Tuina is one of the oldest manual therapies. Various massage techniques soften the muscles and dissolve physical and psychological blockages.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 75.00 Euro

Hot stone massage

This massage, conducted with the help of hot stones, is based on ancient methods to heal muscle troubles and illnesses of the locomotor system. The result is physical and psychological balance, clarity and brightness, general wellbeing, a completely new body sensation as well as the activation of the body’s own energy sources.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 80.00 Euro

Tibetan singing bowl massage

During the massage singing bowls are placed on the dressed body or held directly above it. The metal bowls are brought to sing and vibrations are created which are transferred from the bowl to the body, spreading there. The water contained in the body is moved by the sound waves, effecting just like an inner massage of the body cells, dissolving inner tensions and blockages.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 70.00 Euro

Ayurveda Abhyanga regenating oil massage

Precious plant and herbal oils, which have been created during weeks of work according to ancient recipes are applied during this massage. The full body massage is especially recommended in case of exhaustion, fatigue, decreased performance and immune system as well as sleeping disorders and nervousness.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 70.00 Euro
Duration ca. 80 minutes, 95.00 Euro

Padabhyanga foot massage

The marma points of the feet are stimulated to activate the energy flow, achieving a positive effect on the energy system of the entire body.

Duration ca. 40 minutes, 45.00 Euro

Garshan full body massage

This treatment involves a rub massage with a dry raw silk glove, stimulating the circulation and eliminating toxins.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 65.00 Euro


Mukabhyanga is a word from Sanskrit meaning oil massage of head, face and neck.

Duration ca. 40 minutes, 45.00 Euro

Classic massages

The aim of any massage is to reduce stress hormones and produce endorphins, increasing the natural feel-good hormones in our body. Tensions of physical and psychological origin are reduced, the head feels light and energy flows again.

Classic full body massage

The entire body is worked during a classic massage treatment, producing a pleasant feel and easing tensions.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 65.00 Euro

Classic partial massage

The back and the legs are in focus during this massage, quickly dissolving small tensions.

Duration ca. 25 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Head and neck massage

This massage is responsible to solve blockages, freeing new life energy. Especially recommended to individuals suffering from stress.

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Foot reflexology massage

Selected areas of the feet are stimulated during this point pressure massage. These areas are connected to various organs. The body’s energy flow is activated and the blockages dissolved.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 55.00 Euro

Classic full body massage for deep relaxation

To reach an even deeper state of relaxation, you can design your own full body massage during your wellness holiday in the Dolomites. Selected oils intensify the treatment, helping you achieve an even higher state of wellbeing.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 65.00 Euro

Vitalità – for an increased energy flow of body and mind

Experience the stimulating effect of arnica and purest essential oils. The pleasant note and fragrance of juniper characterise this empowering aromatherapy massage. The warmth and the reviving components of rosmarine and cypress help create inner balance. The power of lemon and grape fruit give new energy for body and mind.

Armonia – for relaxation and wellbeing

Relax and feel good surrounded by the pleasant scent of needle trees, citrus fruit and vanilla. The base of this fantastic massage is the bio marigold oil offering protection, especially for sensitive skin. Enriched with essences of Swiss stone pine and spruce it calms the inner rhythm of body and mind.

Equilibrio – for peace and serenity

The relaxing attributes of root angelica, lavender, tangerine and grapefruit are combined with the calming attributes of exotic scents like myrrhe, patchouli and ylang ylang, providing you with peace and serenity. Enjoy the soothing and warming effect of the St John’s wort oil, dissolving mental and muscular tensions.

Relaxation for the back

Head and neck massage

Are you suffering from tense back and neck muscles? If yes, did you know that this has a great influence on your mood? You may find yourself feeling stressed and itchy, if you experience a constant pressure and uneasiness in your neck. Heat and a compassionate massage will dissolve your back and neck pains, increasing your wellbeing.

Duration ca. 25 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Classic back massage

The classic back massage is a stimulus therapy, applying special massage techniques to all tissues of skin and muscles. The classic massage is used to prevent troubles of the locomotor system like skin, muscles, tendons, bones and joints. The effect of the massage is an increased blood flow and metabolism, dissolving tensions in skin and muscles.
Duration ca. 25 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Back and foot reflexology massage

The entire back is worked and tensions are removed. Afterwards you enjoy a foot pressure massage, improving the energy flow of the body via the stimulation of various organs and lymphe.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 70.00 Euro

vitalis massage resonance – DORSALIS

The vitalis massage resonance – DORSALIS removes tensions of back muscles, improving the dynamics of the spine, offering the perfect massage experience with singing bowls and cupping!

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 70.00 Euro

Breuss massage and Dorn method

Breuss massage

This energetic massage is believed to strengthen the spine, creating more space for the intervertebral discs and have a regenerative effect. Furthermore, the St John’s wort has a calming effect on the nervous system.

Duration ca. 25 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Dorn method

The Dorn method is used to gently treat spine and joints, repositioning wrongly placed disks with a gentle pressure of the thumb, without damaging tendons, ligaments or muscles.

Duration ca. 50 minutes, 70.00 Euro

For our little guests: massages for kids and teenagers

Teenager massage

Soothing massage for young spa fans.

Duration ca. 25 minutes, 35.00 Euro

Kids massage

Relaxing massage for our little guests.

Duration ca. 20 minutes, 25.00 Euro

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